Silent Uproar


Silent Uproar: Okay your first album Point #1 was released back in 1999, then you guys kinda disappeared for 3 years. What happened in that time period?

Sam: Well Basically our label folded and we had to find another record label to finish up our contract.

SU: Your album made it to number 14 on the billboard charts after a 3 year departure. Did it surprise you that your fans waited this long for you guys?

Sam:I wouldn’t say surprised because we had toured 6 months before the album was released. Plus it had a lot of radio play before then, so we had a combination of fans from point #1 and I think we had a new fan base at that point.

SU: Since you stated touring so early, are you already getting tired of it?

Sam: Where pretty tired, but we like shows and we like touring. But at the same time we need to take a break. Where planning on going into the studio to write for September and October. So that is a much needed break.

SU: You guys did a 14 show headlining tour. Do you plan to do a full North America headlining tour?

Sam: We will after we take those 2 months off. Well probably be out in November and December headlining for those months.

SU: You guys now graduated to the main Ozzfest stage now from last years second stage. Is there now added pressure to up your on stage performance for the crowd over from last year.

Sam: I think there is a little bit. Not in a huge way because I feel through touring we have stepped up our show and I think that people who are fans that go and see us are happy about what they see. We try to stay true to what the music has been as far as what we recorded and we try to be high energy and stuff. But as far as doing something different now, that record has sorta blown up…I think we are just gonna do the same thing that we always do and just try to play our best. I think that’s all anybody really expects from us.

SU: Do you plan to add a bigger production to your live performance this summer.

Sam: As far as production goes, there is not a whole lot of choices because we have Ozzy, Korn, Disturbed, and Marylyn Manson on stage, so there isn’t a lot of room left for us. We only get so much space and we'll take as much as we possibly can. On production is gonna be a set of backdrops and then our back line. Basically we are just gonna try to be a rock and roll band.

SU: So being in a band of brothers, does sibling rivalry increase the difficulty of things or do you guys get along pretty good

Sam: It depends . At times its good and at times its hard. But the older we get the better we are at respecting each other.

SU: You guys said you have some of the same influences most bands have, yet your music has a pretty unique sound to it. Is this something you guys try to do or does it evolve naturally.

Sam: I think we don’t put a lot of effort into being different as much as we put effort into what we are doing now. I think its just the way we write. It's always been a belief of mine that people should write about the things that they love and not try to be anything else.

SU: Pete said he gets his inspiration to write music from holding pain and anger inside for so long. Does it worry you that one day all the pain and anger used to write music will be gone?

Sam: I think we will still be okay because some songs have been derived from that but for the most part anybody who lives a life that is that continues a life that is not just hidden away from everyone is gonna have subject to write about. I feel we will always have a subject to write about.

SU: I was told by a friend that you did a Depeche mode cover. On what CD was that released, I cant find it?

Sam: It came out on a sampler actually. When we put out a sampler for "The Red". I’m pretty sure it was on the Japanese release of the album too.

SU: Do you guys play much from Point #1?

Band: We play "Point #1", "Prove to You", "Mia", "SMA" and other various songs.

SU: Since Point #1 and Wonder What’s Next have somewhat different sounds, does it ever get tough when deciding what songs to play each night?

Sam: To a point it comes up, but its about whatever we feel like playing that night. I thinks its there is a bigger fan base for the newer record than the older record. We wanna play things people know and things you like to play so we do our best to combine those things.

SU: Some bands that tend to have some success get told they are sell-outs by the public for one reason or another. Are there certain things that Chevelle have said they will not do? Have you drawn the line somewhere.

Band: I think that the general idea is as when you sell your first record on a major label, you’re a sell out. To me selling out is doing something you don’t want to do. But people have to do that everyday. You have a job to go to everyday and do something in your job you don’t want to do. Would that be selling out?

SU: So now that you have gotten more popular as a band and it may start to play more of a factor, how do you feel about music on the internet? The argument is kinda that the internet can help small bands and that it hurts major label bands. You guys went from one end to the other, so how does that affect your viewpoint?

Sam: I’m not sure if it helps or hurts. In our case our record has done really well and I don’t know if the internet has spread the vibe or not. I know I have mixed feelings about it because people want it to be there and be free and be accessible to anyone they want it to be. At the same time if its copyrighted for some reason people just don’t think that its stealing. They just don’t understand that it really is stealing because its so readily accepted. And its so incredibly accessible. That’s a really good question you asked. I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know if its good or bad. I don’t know if it helps or hurts. I guess it can go either way.

SU: Besides writing songs, is there anything else you guys like to get into while in the recording process?

Sam: I’m a drummer and I like to do different things. I like to make different sounds. That’s why I have some samples and things that I use live. I like to learn new gear and technical stuff.

SU: You started touring in march of 2002 and haven't really stopped since. Have you guys had a chance to get together and write some new material for your next album?

Sam: As far as our writing goes on lyrics and stuff like that, we write about our lives and our lifestyles about things that effect us like everything else. We have a couple of songs written, but in September and October we are basically going to write. Just to put songs together rather than actually write a record.

SU: Will you be playing any new material on Ozzfest this summer?

Sam: No I don’t think so. Not yet but we will when we of our headlining tour.

SU: As for your headlining tour, do you have any opening bands picked out or cities confirmed?

Sam: No we just started to work on it. Nothing is set in stone yet.

SU: Between the songs "Send the Pain Below" and "Closure," you use, a movie clip of Captain Oveur and Joey from "Airplane!". Where did this idea come from?

Sam: We just thought that it was funny. There are certain points in the show where Pete and Joe need to take some drinks of water and cool off. So that was kinda some dead space for the show. So we thought to just put some clips in there. We used clips from Cable Guy, and just lots of funny things. Just used to fill dead space.

SU: How long did it take you to record Wonder What’s Next?

Sam: It took use nine weeks to record it, but we really could have done it in 5 weeks. It took longer because we had to wait on other people schedules and things.

SU: Did that include mixing?

Sam: No mixing took 2 more weeks after that. We are there for every part of it. You don’t let any thing out of your hands. Never give anything to anyone without you being there. Its your art and its your creation.

SU: So you are going to keep the new material you have written close to your chest then?

Sam: You bet well we hold it pretty close to our chest before we give it to anyone. No one will really hear any of it. With the downloading thing you have to be really careful about watching that stuff so no one will have it until its finished.

SU: Do you think your third record will give you added pressure when you record it?

Sam: Were gonna be fine. I know expectation are higher after a successful record, but we look forward to it.

SU: Well thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing the new material.

Jul 18 2003