Audiovent — Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris

Reviewed by grant

I feel bad for Audiovent. Everyone knows it's made up of younger siblings of Incubus. This would not be important if they didn't sound exactly... like... their older brothers. But, they do. The album is quality though. Every song is gorgeously produced, the vocals are top notch, the hooks are overwhelming, and between the quality of the record and their relation to an already thriving band, they will see their success soon enough. Most of the time, bands that are big before they're big can create an unstable future for themselves. Let's hope this doesn't hold true for Audiovent and their new experiment. On with the CD:

I was able to get my hands on the Audiovent demo about a year and a half ago, and many of the tracks on "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris" were carried over from the Vent demo (Vent is what they were called previously). The best way to analyze the talent of a band is to compare the songs with their demo counterparts. I must say this the band is very tight, and Jason Boyd's vocals are almost to die for. His voice has deepened significantly in a 1 1/2 years, but other than that, the songs carry over to the full production quite well.

If I said that Audiovent doesn't sound just like the nu:Incubus and Hoobastank, my nose would grow. Audiovent is obviously made up of very talented songwriters that choose to write pop songs instead of the more eclectic songs they might compose on the side. The songs on "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris" are somewhat formulated, especially the ones that are destined for the radio. Choruses repeat at the end of songs for emphasis, some of the vocal clichés will make you shake your head and sit tight for the next change-up, and the end of the CD is protected by trippy and sitar laden ballads that show off Jason's voice, which come off very weak.

Most tracks though, are slick and well organized, and few could be huge hits. Overall, I'm impressed with Audiovent's album, and if anyone is into the rock n'roll sounds of Hoobastank, Audiovent is for you. 3.9 manstyle points.

Jul 3 2002