Antioch Arrow — Gems of Masochism

Reviewed by ryan

Antioch Arrow dismantled, rearranged, and deconstructed everything in the West Coast punk/hardcore scene when they released their debut full-length, Gems of Masochism. This reissue by Three One G illustrates that this epiphany in sound was not only relevant in 1995 when it was first released, but also now in 2004.

But what makes Gems of Masochism so revolutionary was that it at once defined and subverted the San Diego hardcore scene and Gravity Records’ output by existing as a recording vital to continuing hardcore’s legacy in the area while simultaneously evolving it to a point where it was barely even recognizable. Antioch Arrow splice the divergent influences of Joy Divison, Wire, the Cure, and Fugazi into their sound that revived a whole culture of hardcore punks searching for something different, something more. And in a time when “punk” has descended into a word splashed across shirts sold in malls and a commodity bought and sold by MTV day in and day out, there is no better time for Antioch Arrow to reintroduce themselves into punk’s sterile existence.

Mar 18 2004