Silent Uproar

The Bloodhound Gang — Hefty Fine

Reviewed by morganphillips

When the Bloodhound Gang produces a new album, it might make you giggle with anticipation or cringe with disgust-- either way, there's always a reaction. These towering idols of immaturity and obscenely clever lyrics represent the few and proud who think that rap shouldn't be taken so seriously. In the past, they've paid tribute to the more old-school beat of groups like Run DMC and The Digital Underground. Hefty Fine, however, is more of an experiment in the tweeting, stylized genre of euro-pop.

"Balls Out" gives us the first taste of electronic sampling, setting it against the familiar crunch of a guitar. At first the lyrics seem to be more harsh and thuggish than in years gone by, but when you hear raps about barbs of fire that "cut like a jalapeno popper fart," you feel assured that if the band is somewhat musically different, at least Pop hasn't changed his mindset. There are some more familiar-feeling pieces in this album, like the nonsensical "Ralph Wiggum" and "Pennsylvania," but you can understand why old fans might feel alienated at their first listen of Hefty Fine. Despite that, the album is entertaining and catchy, if somewhat more poppy than, say, One Fierce Beer Coaster. Some songs just fail to please, however. "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss" is just a rehashed version of "Bad Touch," and "Something Diabolical" is borderline boring.

Overall, give it a shot: It might be a different Bloodhoung Gang album, but dammit, it's still the Bloodhound Gang! Their obscenity and sense of humor is still the most important thing about the album. Check out the foldout poster inside if you don't believe me.

Oct 27 2005