Silent Uproar


The timing within the music industry seems just right for a band like Kasabian to make it big. Dance music infused with rock is becoming the hot new thing, and bands like The Faint, who have been doing it for years, are seeing a rise in popularity as new bands like The Killers and Kasabian are stirring up the scene with their refreshing new sounds. However, when presented with any band that comes along as part of a scene or new music style, you have to call longevity into question. How many hair metal bands are still successful today? How many 80s electro-clash bands are still cranking it out? When asked whether or not Kasabian felt they transcended the current trends, the band assured me that they feel their music could easily have been just as relevant 10 years ago as it will be 10 years from now. They do not consider themselves part of a trend and truly believe their music will stand the test of time. This is a bold statement that shows the band has the utmost confidence that what they are doing is the real deal.

When it comes to creating that sound, the band says they do not really have any one set approach. Often songs will start as a guitar riff or bass line, but just as often, they will start with a beat. That variety is what keeps the music interesting and what drives the band to keep reaching for new sounds. One thing is certain though, Kasabian is a band that feels the true way to experience their music is live. When preparing to hit the road, they took on a drummer to replace the electronically produced beats used in the studio because "you can't have a live band without a drummer." This desire to show their real talent through the live show has lead to constant touring since the band's inception.

Something you can't help but notice when looking into Kasabian is the imagery they use for their album covers and promotional material. They have been using the same image on the cover of every release (with slight color changes per territory), and it should be pretty obvious that this wasn't done by chance. The band doesn't place too much emphasis on the meaning of this though. They simply feel that the image and logo "make good t-shirts" and create an image for the band that is easily recognizable to fans. However, when asked if they feel like they might get locked into this imagery over time, they said they feel free to change it anytime and that eventually the cover will run its course.

One final question we have been asking bands in all our interviews lately is for the band to tell us where they think they are in their career. Oddly enough, we sometimes find that very young bands feel like they are near the end of their run, and sometimes older bands have been reinvigorated and feel like they are just getting started. When we asked Kasabian this question, they seemed somewhat confused. But they assured us that they are still a very young band and are at the very beginning of their career. There is still a lot Kasabian has to offer the music community, and they are eager to keep moving forward.

Feb 16 2005