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Silent Uproar: I am going to start off with some general questions. How did all the guys in the band meet?

Brandon: Alex and Evan have always been in bands together. Vinny is also an original member. After 2 lineup changes, Phil became the bass player and I became the guitar player. I was friends with Vinny before I joined, so when the other guitar player was kicked out, I was asked by Vin to try out. That's pretty much the history in not so many words.

SU: How would you describe your music?

Brandon: I would say aggressive pop-punk. Some minor hardcore and indie rock influences as well. Everyone has their own definition though, so other people's definition may differ from what I say. But that's how I would describe us.

SU: How does song writing go in the band, do you all come with ideas, or is there a main person who brings things to the group?

Brandon: The great thing about this band is that everyone gets to put in their own input and writing until we have a really good song that all five people can agree on. Every members contribution is just as important as the other 4 members. Most bands don't work like that. They'll usually have one mastermind that writes everything. Fortunately, every member in our band is very vital to each song written.

SU: You have been getting a lot of press lately with "This Time Next Year" what would you contribute this success to?

Brandon: We believe that "This time next year" is the best thing that we have recorded to this date. We are happy with every song, and we wouldn't of done it any other way. Brian Mcternan, who is our producer, gave us the sound that we had been searching for. The quality is great, and I think that two years of touring before this release had given us some time to cover some ground for when this record came out.

SU: What kind of success are you striving for. Are you more interested in a large underground following, or do you have candy cane dreams of MTV and VH1 specials?

Brandon: Basically, we want to get our music out to as many people as it is possible to. A large underground following would be great. We quit our jobs and education to make this band our living/job. This is all we want to do. I would not complain if MTV wanted to play us, considering how broke I am at this moment. I guess making money for a change wouldn't be so bad.

SU: What do you think about the online distribution of music, and programs like Napster?

Brandon: I'm not against it. it's only helping us. We get emails constantly from people who say they first heard us from Napster. Then they'd go out and buy the CD from stores. it's a good thing for small and upcoming bands. So I think Lars Urlich is taking himself a little too seriously. Yeah, it must suck being a millionaire. I feel so bad for him. God forbid they sell 9 million records instead of 12 million records.

SU: What about ezines and music website, and their role in promotion and success of bands?

Brandon: Any type of magazine, website, or anything at all that pushes bands and their music is the best thing a band can have backing them. Bands start out having zero following, and then get a piece done on them, and before you know it, people get interested and start checking them out.

SU: I know you guys and Glassjaw are old friends, how does it fell getting ready to go on tour with them and New Found Glory?

Brandon: This will definitely be the best tour we have ever gone on to date. Not to mention the most fun. New Found Glory, and Glassjaw especially, are our great friends. Lots of fun!

SU: There are rumors that if that tour goes well that you guys are going to leave Revelation and sign with Drive-Thru, is there any merit in these rumors?

Brandon: Well as of right now we are on revelation. if it comes to the point where we are not on revelation anymore, you'll probably know before me, because according to most message boards, we are already on Drive-Thru. They must know something we don't.

SU: What is your favorite band that you have toured with or tour you have done?

Brandon: Some of the most favorites have been with The Juliana Theory, Kill Your Idols, and Reach the Sky. Andy from Kill Your Idols took a shit in a bag and threw it at our hotel window one night. It was a great time. Yeah.

SU: I know everyone always asked what your musical influences are, but is there one particular song you heard or moment in time when you said, "hey, this is what I want to do, I want to make music?"

Brandon: Umm...well for me personally, I think the song that did it for me was "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston. it's a masterpiece....Also, I got to dance with hot girls when the song came on at my middle school dances.

SU: Is everyone about recovered from the van wreck in February (our condolences on that by the way)?

Brandon: Yeah, everyone is pretty much okay now. I had broken my wrist and got some stitches on my fingers that night. I'm back to playing again, but right now it feels like I have the wrist of a 90 year-old man with arthritis. I'm hoping that pain goes away soon. Phil got some stitches on his face, but he's back to being the handsome Italian again.

SU: What are the plans for after the upcoming tour, should we look out for more dates, or are you planning to record some new music, or what?

Brandon: Well, from early may to mid June we will be on a full U.S. tour with Grade and The Impossibles. In July it would be nice if we did some warped tour stuff and maybe another tour. Late summer/early fall we want to go to Europe. And in Mid/Late fall we'll probably head into the studio to record our next record.

SU: What do you feel were the best releases of 2000?

Brandon: I would definitely say the Kid Rock album. He has such a way with words. He's a poet and a gentleman. But really, some of my favorite releases in 2000 were the new Millencollin, Dashboard Confessional, Midtown, and Glassjaw.

SU: What releases are you looking forward to in 2001 (other than Weezer)?

Brandon: The new Saves the day, Bjork, and Radiohead.

SU: What are you listening to right now? and What bands should we know about?

Brandon: Right now, I am listening to Jets to Brazil, Dashboard Confessional, The Beatles, and Morrissey. Some up and coming bands are my very good friends in "Brand New", "Stopwatch", and "The Reunion Show." All 3 of these bands being from Long island.

SU: Is there anyone the band would like to collaborate with?

Brandon: I think if we did an overall pick, it would end up being Kim Deal from The Breeders/The Pixies. She's our favorite. She has a nice voice, great songs, and she's beautiful.

SU: What are your feelings about the state of music today? Do you think that strong punk movement or rock movement has a chance at overthrowing all the teeny-bopper pop?

Brandon: There is nothing more annoying than A.J. from the Backstreet Boys, Timberlake from Nsync, and Christina Aguilera. I hate artists that have song writers. I just found out that Aerosmith has a songwriter too. Not that I liked them to begin with, but they are very respected musician's that didn't write jaaah jaaah jaaah jadedddd!!!

SU: Do you have any strange pre-show rituals?

Brandon: Mostly nausea and red bull.

SU: Do any of you have any side projects or other bands that you work with during Movielife off time?

Brandon: Yeah, me and Vinny are in a band called "Ninja Penguin." it's really violent and aggressive. We may release some stuff in the future. Phil is actually in the process of co-writing, producing, and directing a play based on "Teen Wolf." It's going to be entitled "Scott, You're a wolf. You're wolf."

SU: Which is better, Back to the Future or the Goonies (try no to be swayed by your Michael J. Fox adoration)?

Brandon: I'm gonna go with Back to the Future, only because I don't remember seeing Goonies. I was too young when I saw it to remember it.

SU: Transformers or GI Joe?

Brandon: Definitely GI Joe. I used to make like 20 of them have wars in my backyard. When one of them would die, I would smear ketchup all over them to make it look like blood, and then when there was one guy left standing, I'd dig up the ground and bury the rest of them. Then I'd dig them up and play again the next day. My parents told me I needed to make friends.

SU: Thanks again, for the interview, and hopefully sometime soon you guys will come down to Charlotte so we can check you out.

Brandon: Thank you! That interview was fun to do!

Mar 25 2001

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