Silent Uproar


Silent Uproar: I have read several interviews where you speak of how the band came together and got the Victory Records deal, but I haven't found how you came up with the name?

Geoff: The way we came up with the name Thursday is that around the same time we were starting there were a lot of bands coming out of the New Brunswick area, and just generally coming out they had sort of flashy names. We wanted to try and do something that was more low key and more anonymous, and sort of that anybody could be a part of. Something non-exclusive. Thursday kind of gave us that feeling.

SU: Have you enjoyed your relationship with Victory Records?

Geoff: Yeah we have.

SU: I know you mentioned in an earlier interview that there are some things you don't like about Victory, but that the good outweighed the bad, are there any specific things you want to mention?

Geoff: I think that's generally inherent in every record label unless you are putting out the record yourself. There are things that bug me, and there are things that I would do differently, but there are things that I would never think to do that they have done for us that are awesome, and make all the difference.

SU: Do ever you think the band will ever move beyond Victory and sign to a major, or are they pretty much as big as you want to get?

Geoff: That's the kind of stuff that I don't really think about, I just think about writing music. The rest of my band kind of handles stuff like that.

SU: Well what about at some point putting out a record yourself?

Geoff: Yeah well I definitely will, I don't know if it will be a Thursday record, but I am really close with the guy who runs Eyeball Records, and am very personal with that record label.

SU: So that's cool. Is that kind of how your first record got put out on Eyeball?

Geoff: Actually, not really. That's how I got to know them though. Now I love those guys, and that's pretty much how that got started, with us. Now I am involved with them.

SU: If there was a monkey who could play an instrument really well, and he wanted to be in the band, would you let him?

Geoff: A who?

SU: A monkey.

Geoff: We already did. (Laughs) But yeah, we would, sure.

SU: I read that several of the band members use to be in a straight edge band, and the band has a lot of straight edge fans. Is that something that the band still associates with? Is that important to the band?

Geoff: I think that, well only one of them was straightedge when they were in that sort of straight edge band, but I don't know, I love straight edge kids, and I think for the most part they are awesome. I think they are misunderstood, I don't really think that straight edge kids start that many more fights than other kids, you know what I mean.

SU: I know you posted on your website that you would be writing at the beginning of this year, did you get any new material down?

Geoff: It is going slow definitely. It is kind of like for the past year we haven't been writing, so you don't forget how to write, but you sort of forget how the writing process goes for you. Like what works the best for you as a band.

SU: I happened to catch you guys live when you were on tour with Rival Schools at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC. One of the first things I noticed about you guys was the energy you had live.

Geoff: Actually the video we did, we did a lot of it at Cat's Cradle.

SU: Cool, that was a really good show. We hadn't heard you guys before and were really impressed. Well would you consider live shows your strong suit, or do you think on tape is where the band shines?

Geoff: I think the live show definitely. I think that's where music really comes alive, and shows itself more. Sometimes I think records are sketches. They are their own sort of live form, almost completely different from live shows.

SU: I think it is a lot easier to sound good on a record than it is live.

Geoff: I mean I am not saying that we are a good band because of this, but you can usually tell if a band is really good if they can make themselves sound better live. That has always impressed me.

SU: I know you just got back from a UK tour with the Movielife, and a lot of bands say that the fans are crazy over there. How did the shows compare to the US shows? Did the kids seem to know your material?

Geoff: We expected there to be know kids out there because we haven't toured a bunch over there and the way we gained a following in America is by non-stop touring. But when we went over there and there were a bunch of kids there already excited about us, it takes you back a little bit. For Thursday, we always expected to have to work really hard and then maybe people would notice us, but over there it was sort of different.

SU: How long do you think you will tour on this record?

Geoff: We will probably tour for another 5 months on this record, and then we will record a new one.

SU: Is it true that you will be at this years Warped Tour?

Geoff: Yeah, that's confirmed. We are going to be one of the main-stage acts for all of the East Coast and Mid-West, and then we are going to be a second stage act for Canada and the West Coast.

SU: You guys have been on quite a few "Bands to Watch in 2002" list, including ours. How does this predicted success make you feel? Do you feel like you have a lot to live up to or do you just ignore it?

Geoff: I definitely feel like we do have a lot to live up to with another record. But not really because we are on a critics list, because I know that there are a lot of people that really cared about the last record and that's something that I can totally relate to because I have so many bands that I've related to, and had important to me.

So I would never want to let any of the kids that like us down. So we are going to just try to keep doing the same thing and make honest music that talks about life and the way that we see things. And not really change anything for anybody, and just hope that as long as we are doing things coming from the right place, that it will end up being something that people care about.

SU: Is "making it" selling lots of record so that people all over the world get to hear your music, or is it selling lots of records and being famous.

Geoff: It's two things for us. Getting out there is important because getting to play everywhere is definitely a priority. Going and meeting every kid out there that might be interested, just in the hopes that you can help him find out about the band without having to look for it too hard. Without having to come to us, we want to bring it to them.

And also that way if we "make it" or whatever, we can help other bands that we think are amazing and aren't getting some of the lucky opportunities that we are. We can help them to get people into them; we can get people to support DYI music, and get kids interested into the scene.

SU: Do you like GlassJaw?

Geoff: I am actually friends with those guys, they're great.

SU: Cool, we are really into Glassjaw and have found that the answer to that question really tells a lot about someone and what kind of stuff they are into.

Geoff: Yeah those guys are really cool; they actually sell our t-shirts for us.

SU: Any new releases this year that you are looking forward to?

Geoff: Um, yeah there is record on Equal Vision by a band called Prevent Falls. Those kids are amazing, they are really god song writers and I can't wait to hear the record. There is also a new Fairweather record coming out, and I really like Fairweather.

SU: Now for a serious question, what do you feel about the current state of the world and all the stuff that's going down? Do you concern yourself with it or do you just have so much going on that you don't really think about it?

Geoff: I think about it, but it is more of a "holly shit, I don't know what's going on" and its pretty scary. I have a feeling we are probably doing some pretty shitty things in the rest of the world, but at the same time I don't' think killing people like was done is ever ok. I am basically most of the time just freaked out, but I don't know much about it.

SU: Do you guys have any strange habits or rituals?

Geoff: Um.

SU: Anything you want to pick on your bandmates about?

Geoff: (laughing) We all have different eating habits that are pretty weird. Like our drummer and I don't eat meat, so our guitar player gets like those Fritos Twist things and wraps them in salami slices and pepperoni slices, and he will eat that in the van which is pretty gross. There are a few others that are just gross, gross.

SU: If you only had one pair of socks and one of your band mates pissed all over them , would you still where them?

Geoff: No. I would go without socks.

SU: Well that's about all that I have, I hope this wasn't too painful, just wanted to say that Silent Uproar is behind you guys 100% and hopefully we can hook up something with you again in a couple years when you have a new record out.

Geoff: Thanks a lot and we'll see you on the road.

Feb 13 2001