Silent Uproar: First off, for the record, you guys are not a Christian band correct?

Terry: We all love satan.

SU: I must admit that when hear the name Christiansen, that is the first thing that comes to mind, so I thought I would let you get it out there in the very beginning.

Terry: That's a common misconception but it doesn't really make sense to me because I've never heard the name Christiansen in any sort of religious context. If we were called The Christians it might be a little more understandable. Our name is fucking lame none the less.

SU: How would you describe the bands sound to the new listener?

Terry: Crazy, sexy, cool.

SU: OK, well if you had to name a couple bands that you feel have a similar sound to yours, who would you say?

Terry: I don't know people say we sound dischord-ish... I don't really see it.

SU: One last try, if I once described your music as a mix of At the Drive-In and Fugazi, with some Dismemberment Plan mixed in for good measure, would that be way off?

Terry: I guess not... Since you're the critic I feel like you have more authority to compare us than anyone else. I'm a fan of Fugazi and have heard a little At the Drive-in but I've never heard Dismemberment Plan. If those bands sound like us the must be pretty fucking great though.

SU: Your sound has changed quite a bit since you started out. Would you credit this change to your overall growth as a band, or has it been a conscious decision to change your sound?

Terry: Yeah well we were really young when we started and we still are very young compared to the bands that we tour with so I think we're constantly growing.

SU: You guys have been busy over the last year, have you had a chance for any down time?

Terry: We don't really want down time... I'm sure we will at some point, but right now our home is on the road. We have plenty of down time in the hotels every night.

SU: Who would you rather hang out with, Andrew WK or Gary Coleman?

Terry: Although Andrew WK is the man (A.Dubbs as the GJ guys call him) and the spokesperson of the present generation, I think I would have to say Gary Coleman. He seems to have such a complex personality and he's so bitter about life in general; it would be amazing to just hang out with him if he wouldn't try to kick our asses.

SU: I know you recently had a pretty scary van crash while on tour. Has everyone pretty much healed up from that?

Terry: Yeah everyone is pretty much good now. It happened about a month ago, but our tour manager Kenny is still on crutches and shit.

SU: How hard has it been getting back out there on the road after going through that? Doesn't seem like you waited very long to pick things back up?

Terry: We were really anxious to get back out the whole time. We should have died in the wreck, so we felt like we really needed to do things and to prove to ourselves that shit like that can't hold us back.

SU: You just got done with some dates with Glassjaw, how was touring with one of the most amazing bands on the scene right now? In case you can't tell, we are huge Glassjaw fans here at Silent Uproar.

Terry: We love GJ they are awesome guys. The tour was beyond amazing. It was great because they were fans of us just as we were fans of them. We're going out with them again in November.

SU: How has the crowd response been on this last tour?

Terry: We received an amazing response. Even though every kid at those shows was there to see a specific band they really accepted us well. It was a good feeling to win them over. I think that since we're different than the average opening band it made us stand out.

SU: When do you think you will get back in the studio to get a new full-length together?

Terry: We're going back to the studio in Early Winter.

SU: Are there any plans to do some touring overseas?

Terry: We intend to but there is nothing scheduled for the immediate future.

SU: Would you rather be answering these questions, or writing these questions?

Terry: I like answering better I think.

SU: What made you decide to release and EP instead of putting out a full-length?

Terry: Well Forensics Brothers and Sisters! was originally suppose to be the follow up to the full length that we released on Eulogy. It was recorded and everything I don't think Eulogy was into it, so they gave us the option to shop the record. That is how we ended up with Rev.

SU: You haven't really stuck to a single label with the albums you have released. Are you looking to setup a more long term label commitment or do you prefer to take it one album at a time?

Terry: Revelation is doing our next full length we're still extremely excited about working with them. They're like family.

SU: Do you all still live together?

Terry: We recently moved out of the ever so famous "Christiansen House". It was very sad, but it was just ridculuous to pay to live there when we were only there for a week out of the month. So everyone lives with their parents now.

SU: We all know that too much of seeing the same people day in and day out can lease to conflict and problems. Doesn't it get difficult being with each other all the time, seeing as how you live together and tour together?

Terry: Not at all; we tour together then come home and hang out... We've all been friends for a long time so we all kind of know each others vibe. But god damn Robby has been an asshole lately!

SU: So are you guys aiming for the big time, ala major label, or are you happy doing things on cool indie labels?

Terry: We have some major label interest... I guess we'll just see what happens ultimately we would like to never work again obviously and be able to make a really good living by doing something that we are passionate about.

SU: Last year you guys were in school and that undoubtedly affected your touring. Are any of you still taking classes or has the music become a full-time gig?

Terry: We are all dropouts now... This is now our school and we've already learned a lot.

SU: What is in store for 2003 for Christiansen?

Terry: World domination.

SU: I noticed that you guitar players name is Robby Scott, doesn't that seem a little odd seeing as how the two people who run Silent Uproar are named Robbie and Scott?

Terry: That's very odd... Robby gets fucking pissed when people spell his name with "ie" at the end. I think that's the only difference between those two.

SU: Your logo also looks kind of like ours, what's going on here?

Terry: No your logo looks like ours. We're totally going to sue... It seems to me that sueing is the cool thing to do these days. Have you seen the new cologne called 'Crave' by Calvin Klein? Good ole Calvin gives us both the shaft!

SU: That is about it, any shout out's, thank you's, or overall nice things to say about people?

Terry: Tara Copasetic makes me hot (she told me to say that).

Sep 30 2002