Silent Uproar: Please state your name and want you do in the band.

Ben: I'm Ben Einziger, and I play the guitar.

SU: Why the guitar, why not, say bass?

Ben: I've always enjoyed the sound of a guitar. I like the fact that a guitar can be played loud and obnoxiously, or quiet and mellow.

SU: How hard has it been to separate yourselves from Incubus? I imagine it is difficult to get people to focus on you as a band without bringing up the brotherly connections.

Ben: We're very supportive of Incubus, and they are very supportive of us. However we feel it's important we establish our own credibility as a band. We're not in this to sponge off their success. Although I think we both have two completely different styles, I understand that people are going to compare us due to our family connection.

SU: I know your independent release Papa's Dojo did really well and sold several thousand copies. Was it a natural progression to sign to a major, or did you consider putting out another record yourselves?

Ben: We signed to Atlantic Records only a few months after we released "Papa's Dojo". We we're very surprised by the amount of people who ordered the record online. Because of "Papa's Dojo" we've made many new friends and fans all through out the world.

SU: How was the change from doing everything yourself on what I imagine was 16 track or so board, to using a full ProTools rig, complete with John Porter.

Ben: Working with Pro-tools was great. We were able to experiment with tons of different sounds and song structures. Also, John Porter was wonderful to work with as well. Along with Gavin (our producer), John helped with production as well.

SU: Did you feel that using things such as ProTools is "cheating" in a way?

Ben: The only time I would consider pro-tools to be cheating is when it's used to make something that's horrible appear to sound decent. I'm very much into performance. Pro-tools shouldn't be used to as a system for covering up bad musicianship.

SU: What did you feel that Atlantic had to offer versus other labels? Was it more about the financial details of the deal or the people whom you would be working with?

Ben: There were quite a few labels involved. However Atlantic Records seemed to be on the same page as us creatively on all accounts.

SU: I read that at one point you guys participated in a few sessions of preventative group therapy. Was there a personal reason why you thought this would be a good idea?

Ben: There was a time when we were having some problems, and therapy really helped us. It made a positive impact on the way we communicate with each other. I'd say that 95% of fights caused in band's spawn from misunderstandings and miscommunication.

SU: Do you think it is more difficult to be in a band with your relatives? It seems like it would be hard enough to be around people so much, especially on tour, much less to be related to them.

Ben: Being in a band with 4 guys is comparable to having 4 brothers /4 girlfriends. Most of the time, being in a band is a lot fun. However there are also some very emotional times.

SU: I know you are getting ready to start touring like crazy for this record. Do you prefer to be in "touring mode", or in "recording mode"?

Ben: I like them both. Writing and recording songs to us, is like painting a picture. Recording a record is so wonderful because we're able to paint our songs with as many colors as we'd like. On the topic of touring, there's nothing better than seeing someone getting off on the music you've created. The fact that we can feed off the crowd's energy and they can feed off ours is just amazing. We've actually been on the road now for a little over a month, and are having an awesome time rock n' peoples faces off.

SU: If you could tour with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?

Ben: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana.

SU: Is there any kind of meaning behind the title of the new album? Where did it come from?

Ben: Actually, there's really no direct meaning to the title. The idea came from Jamin while we were deliriously sitting in my bedroom thinking of titles for the record. When Jamin said those words, "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris", we all fell to the floor laughing (except Jason…He remained laughing in his chair)

SU: What took so long to get the record out? Have you been working on it this whole time, or has Atlantic had to pushed back?

Ben: A lot of our recording process was very long and tedious. We recorded the majority of Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris in the first 3 months. . However once we thought we were finished, we later decided to go back in the studio and work on some of the songs (structure & tones), as well as write a few new songs, that actually didn't make this record. Once the record was finished we again waited around to find the right mixer. Anyway, once we found our mixer, Chris Lord-Alge, everything wrapped up relatively quickly.

SU: What made you choose to rework tracks off of Papa's Dojo instead of writing all new material for the new record?

Ben: We thought there were some great songs on "Papa's Dojo", that we're never given the opportunity to be worked with on a professional level. At first, we weren't certain which songs we were going to use. However once we started re-working some of the old songs with our producer, they all came to life.

SU: If Bjork and David Bowie got in a wrestling match, who would win?

Ben: Definitely Bjork, she's a hunter. Bowie would probably write a weird song about the whole experience.

SU: Since interviews can get kind of repetitive and I am sure you get tired of answering the same questions, what question do you wish an interviewer would ask you?

Ben: I actually liked your questions. They were entertaining.

SU: I know you site older music such as Hendrix or the Beatles as influences, but are there any recent or upcoming releases you guys are stoked about?

Ben: Although most of our influences come from older generations, there are still some modern bands I really enjoy. Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Weezer, Oasis, and PJ Harvey, are among a few of the modern bands I like.

SU: Do you have any final comments or anything you want to say?

Ben: I just wanted to say thanks for supporting AUDIOVENT. We really appreciate it. Also, thanks to all our fans for rock n' with us on tour!

Apr 29 2002